October 1, 2007

Video Preview

Here is a preview of the video for this years trip; I had to do something with my insomnia!

Its 2:35AM and Im UP!

Wow, I woke at 1am...very much awake! I guess I must be home! See you soon.

September 30, 2007

To Paris!

Whew! Made it through the Venice airport.

September 29, 2007

Sunrise at our Agriturismo


Day 16 - headed home!

Its dawn in Roncade (or very late in Seattle on Saturday) and I'm headed home. Guy departed for the airport early as Bill and I got a few extra winks before grabbing our plane to Paris.

Grabbing some breakfast here at Ca Serena as I hear the roosters doing their thing to the early morning light.

Bill still needs the menu inglese on our last night.

Day 15 - Treviso

A quick 30min spin after a big touring around day and Guy sports his new Pin kit at dusk.

New Duds!

Last italia ride!

Guy has Shopping success!

Mile Euro Later

Pinarello Factory Store

A stop in Treviso for Guy to go gaga




Floating grocery

is Venice sinking or waters rising?

Notice the first floor

Anne and Rob



Grand Canal from our parking structure


Italian drives through park gate.


September 28, 2007

Day 14 - Trenago and Castello 55K and 3600 feet climbing

After the break in the clouds, Anne and I got restless so at the first sign of good weather we jumped on our bikes and headed toward my favorite climb, magic climb up to castegne...yet a differnet way. We went higher than before going through a town that had (reportedly) no exit or a deadend at 5 kilometers. I thought it might be a washout we could walk around.

Reaching the end of the road, we came across an older gentleman with a soft felt cap foraging for fresh fungi. He gestured that the road was closed and we magically were able to determine the road was passable by bici or velo!

Ann and I snuck across two barricades to find a freshly poured concrete bridge. I tested a section and it seemed hard enough to walk across (no wanting to turn around as it would be 5 kilometers up hill). We made it across, however we left a few shallow marks from our cletes and tires on the last 5 meters of concrete that had yet to harden completely.

Free to desend down the back side of the ridge, we noticed how suddenly today the lighting was softer through the vineyards and olive trees today...fall was upon us!

We stopped in Trebagno for some gelato as Anne and I were both in negative calorie land and had about an hour ride to get home.

After trying to locate the ride up to the Castello, we b lined ourselves back to Buon Albergo coming across 6 Italian cyclists headed our way. We spun with them for 5 or 6 kilometers until the town sign into Ferrazze, were I gave the wink to Anne, we jumped out front and sprinted to the finish, waving and yelling Ciao upon reaching Musella.

Stats for the day:
55 Kilometers
3600 feet climbing
4 hours and 20 minutes
1800 calories burned
2 sets of foot prints and tire marks in newly formed Italian bridge
1 pallino gelato
1 great pesce dinner in varo
3 songs heard by Italian guns and roses band
1 full day in Italy remaining!

Guns and Roses?

Yes we finished with dinner and we found a local band playing guns and roses covers. Wow, and were in Italy!

Gelato Stop

Trebagno after 3 hours of riding and 3500 feet of climbing!

Kodak Moment

View to verona

A village

Just some spot on our route!



A snap of me!

Another climb!

Above Verona!

Climb above Catagne.

Up magic hill

Ann cranking

Groundhog Day?

I see my shadow

Day 14 - a rainy night brings sunny day?

Burst of sunshine on our second to the last day of riding, stay tuned!

September 27, 2007

Day 13 - 88K 4 hours 20min and 5700 feet of climbing some at 19%

Pat, Christi, Guy and Lisa strolled out of Musella (our winery) around 10am for a few hours of climbing through the hills and hill towns above Verona. The landscape is filled with vineyard and low walled streets with fruit hanging over. We knew we were in trouble when pat decided to head up another no cheveron hill that started with a sign requiring tire chains. It was some climb as we ascended into the heavens noticing the temperature drop and the dearth of elements no longer growing by the side of the road.

Reaching the saddle in the mountain, we paused and I loved the feeling of my heart beating out of my chest.

The ride down that hill was rythmic and sweet droping down into a sweet little town where we warmed ourselves with some cafe and chocolato caldo.

After a great pizze lunch where the pizze is so thin its like a cracker, Pat found us another "no cheveron" climb where some of us seemed to have met our pizze again. Reaching the top, almost wanting to walk the bike up this road that could have stairs we reached the top mounted and proud. Reveling in our accomplishment, Pat looked over to the three of us and said, "ok, this is all a nice feel good moment, but let's go.". We chuckled, followed his tail back home to Musella where Gracella had dinner waiting for us.

Dinner at the winery!

Pear and Ginger chocolate muffin!

Iwith an amazing amarone desert wine! Wow! We had pumpkin risotto before this stuff!

Atop another no cheveron climb

Ouch! 18 or 19%

The bierra here is good.



Climb over to Tregnago

1.5 hour into ride and 2120 feet so far!